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The entrepreneur as god and the ghost in the machine

In our day, technology entrepreneurs such as Zuckerberg, Jobs, and Musk appear as superheroes capable of “changing the world” and “saving humanity”. We attribute their companies with almost divine abilities, believing their reach extends everywhere, even suspecting they can hear us when their apps are turned off.

The second gallery talk in the exhibition “NewSpeak” will ask, among other things, how we relate technological initiatives as acts of reasoning and enlightenment with the fact that, in many cases, they seem to make people dumber and more obedient. What’s the benefit and what cost do we pay when we allow tech companies to rule the world? And what happens if and when these super-entrepreneurs succeed in their goals, their interfaces facilitating our lives with seemingly perfect synergy?

Dr. Carmel Vaisman is a researcher and lecturer of digital culture in the Tel Aviv University multidisciplinary program in the humanities track and the Cohn Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Ideas. She focuses on critical reading of contemporary and futuristic technological discourses and religious aspects of technology. Her first book – “Hebrew On-Line” (released by Keter Publishing House and co-authored with Ilan Gonen) dealt with language shifts and discourse patterns in new media, and she is currently completing a new book on aspects of posthumanism in everyday life, including digital media and popular culture. Vaisman has organized several academic conferences, as well as professional discussions and international culture events on these topics in Israel. She is a digital anthropologist with a PhD in communications from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem (2010), a journalist and former blogger on the internet culture.

Dr. Ofri Ilany is a historian, and postdoctoral associate in the Van Leer Institute, and author of the “Under the Sun” column in the “Haaretz” newspaper weekend magazine.

Bar Chayun is the content manager of the Israel Space Agency and column writer in the Haaretz newspaper weekend magazine. Previously, he was a founding partner in the digital magazine for popular science and philosophy “Alaxon”, a literature and writing teacher in the Minshar School of Art, a book critic for “Haaretz”, and journalist for “TheMarker” magazine. He has published prose in various publications and won the 2006 short story award.

Free entrance – We recommend arriving at 18:00 for time to roam through the exhibition, as touring is not possible during the gallery talk.




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