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Still Life, Live Data

Still Life, Live Data – a new research by Shenkar College, the Inspire Lab for Image Research, and the Sorbonne – will be presented in simultaneous exhibitions and a symposium at the Artists Residence in Herzliya and the Edmond de Rothschild Center in Tel Aviv.

The 1990s saw the disappearance of printed photographs from our lived environment, as they wandered off to the virtual world. The research and exhibitions address the relationship between the viewer, the artwork and the viewing space – whether digital or physical.

The exhibition is part of a unique collaboration between artist and Sorbonne Professor Olga Kisseleva, researcher and artist Tsila Hassine (Sorbonne, Shenkar), the Inspire Lab for Image Research and students from the departments of software engineering, multidisciplinary art and visual communication at Shenkar.

The exhibition displays a dynamic viewing space that changes with the visitor’s gaze. The interaction between each photo and its viewer transforms the relationships between the photographs and shapes the experience of subsequent viewers.

The exhibition presents 13 photos from Kisseleva’s series Not So Miscellany. The space is monitored by an IT system that measures the number of visitors and the time they dedicate to viewing each piece. According to the data gathered by the system in real time, the lighting and sound system of each photo is modified. The more viewers spend more time viewing the photo, the more it is lighted and the clearer the story behind it. The system is also programmed to form interrelations by manipulating the allocation of light and sound among the photos. One of the objectives of this modification is to raise the visitors’ awareness of their own impact on the light and sound hierarchy.

The research project and exhibition are simultaneously on display at the Artists Residence in Herzliya and at the Edmond de Rothschild Center in Tel Aviv, as well as on a dedicated website. Each venue offers a different local version of the interaction between the viewer and the viewed.

Olga Kisseleva is an international artist and the Head of the Art&Meduim program at Sorbonne.  Her research addresses creative processes combined with contemporary science and technology. Her work was previously displayed at l’ARC and Centre Pompidou in Paris, Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art in Helsinki, le Consortium (Dijon, France), Museo Reina Sofia (Madrid), the Venice Biennale, as well as in Istanbul, Dakar, Tirana, Rennes and more

Tsila Hassine is an artist and researcher at the Sorbonne and a lecturer in Shenkar College. She has a B.Sc. in Mathematics and Computer Sciences from Tel Aviv University and an MA in Art and New Media from Rotterdam. Her work explores changes in recent culture with particular focus on the accelerated digitization processes, and challenges the unbearable lightness of contemporary connectedness. Her works were previously exhibited at the Jerusalem Science Museum, the Tel Aviv Center for Contemporary Art (CCA), the Berlin transmediale, Van Abbemuseum (Eindhoven), Gasworks (London), and elsewhere.

The project team also includes students Sapir Abergil and Tamir Amid from Shenkar’s Software Engineering Dept., Inbal Rabina and Omer Shach from the Multidisciplinary Art Dept., and Michael Schwartz form the Visual Communication Dept.

The Inspire Lab for Image Research was established in Shenkar in order to delve deeper into issues related to the interrelations between image and photo, and between technologies and interfaces and those who design and operate them. The lab is home to academics, scholars, artists, designers, engineers, industrialists and artists engaged in both theoretical and practical research.

Led by Oded Chai, Director of External and Continuing Studies and with academic consulting by Dr. Yanai Toister, Director of the Cultural Studies Program, and Dr. Amnon Dekel, Head of the Software Engineering Department, the lab supports research projects and academic publications on photography and offers a variety of courses and activities, international conferences and exhibitions.

The Edmond de Rothschild Center, founded by the Edmond de Rothschild Foundation, serves as a platform for unique cultural events in order to encourage original and innovative Israeli creativity, with a multidimensional examination and a prolific discourse on the fascinating cultural fabric of the dynamic Israeli society.

Not So Miscellany

photographs, texts, glossary, 2009–2010

project by Olga Kisseleva, with the support of Art Norac Fondation

Texts: Helena Villovitch

Introduction: Manou Farine /Claire Guezengar

Photographic consultant: Eirini Stavrokopoulou

Glossary: Manou Farine / Olga Kisseleva / Gaspard Delanoe /Christophe Petiot / Claire Guezengar

The exhibition will be launched together with a symposium at the Edmond de Rothschild Center in Tel Aviv , on July 6, and the exhibition at the Artists Residence in Herzliya will open on July 8. Both exhibitions will close on August 3.

A new research by Shenkar College, the Inspire Lab for Image Research, and the Sorbonne

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