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Frieder Butzmann

Frieder Butzmann lives in Berlin.

He collects sounds, music, sounds impressions. – But he usually does not know whether he should make music, film music, lectures, radio plays or entire operas from it. In his studio he spreads, cuts,  transposes tirelessly analogue and digital sound recordings now already since 58 years to the Unrecognisable. He presents himself to an astonished audience whenever it likes.

So he appeared already in a third backyard Punk private party, but also at the Museum in N.Y. and even more places.

Last things he did this year was a radio show about one of his idols, the philosopher and musicologist Carl Stumpf (1848 -1936) Let’s Do The Stumpfkonsonanz for Deutschlandfunk and a promenade concert at Kunstmuseum Bern (CH) SCARLATTI MECHANICS – Fluxus Galaxis 2.

He was born at the Lake of Constance, close to the Swiss border in 1954.

At the Tectonic Festival he will sing and generate electric sound. One of his pieces will be a cover versions from the work of Pierre Boulez and the other from David Bowie.

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