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White Peacock / Leigh Orpaz

 Many of the images that Leigh Orpaz positions in her solo exhibition White Peacock are faded versions of modernity’s promises: charred images eroded by time that were gathered from the artist’s family archive and other places, including rolls of film and slide collections. Others don’t face the past, but the invisible present. They try to document and make accessible things undetectable to our senses: images that trace the invisible movement of air.

Thus – combining photographic means from different periods, preoccupied with the photographic image and its distribution – White Peacock roams between the domesticated and the unruly, between the apparent visible and invisible, between the desire to find order and rationality and the recognition of our fundamental helplessness, in bowing to a reality we are powerless to change.

Solo show

Opening: Saturday 12/11/2022, 20:00

Participating Artists:

Events with the Exhibition:


Soon at the Artists Residence


Cafe Yodfat