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Natali Issahary

Natali Issahary  ( born 1985, Israel )  Graduated with honors: BA in Cinema and Art History, and a Certificate of Excellence from “Minshar” Department of Photography : Certificate in Metal and Jewelry Design, from the Tel-Hai College of Art.

Issahary received the “America-Israel / Eli and Dalia Horowitz Scholarship Fund” for Promising Young Israeli Visual Artists, 2014.

Issahary is a multi-disciplinary artist whose work explores traditional photography and dark-room methods, combined with contemporary developments in the media, such as video.

In order to re-examine the History of Photography and Art, she investigates action and reaction, both chemical and physical and interferes in traditional developing methods. In her unique work in video, Issahary subverts natural processes and documents the resulting chemical reactions on various materials and on the environment. Through exploration of the media, she seeks to re-establishes the historical connection between Art, Science and Technology.

By straining the limits of traditional photography practices and manipulating developing methods, Issahary’s aim is to allow a unique and original object to emerge, which endeavors to clarify:  what is photography without photography?

Her work has been exhibited in Israel and abroad, at the Musrara-Mix Festival, Jerusalem; the Lincoln Center New York; the Photography Museum Tel Hai; etc,

Solo exhibition: Art Space, Tel Aviv 2019