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Dana Lev Livnat

The artist Dana Lev Livnat was born in 1978 in Haifa; she is a graduate of the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design Photography Department, as well as the Bezalel master’s degree track. In 2013, she embarked on her “Permanent Vacation” photography project, leaving Israel to travel the world. The project is founded on one Livnat’s unspoken rules, whereby she is dutybound to post images on social media every two hours, and every image must document one moment of her last 24 hours. The project tracks countless subjects photographed daily by Livnat, and photographs not posted online are then added to a growing archive. The panoply of images this artist presents gives the impression that she photographs everything as she sees it. The camera is her means of testifying to every perception emerging in villages, cities, or along any path she traverses. However, this mass of images also creates a paradox – there are so many, it seems there will never be time enough to view them all, truly see them. This contradiction is conveyed forcefully in the project title – a “permanent vacation”, a clear impossibility in today’s economic reality.

Dana Lev Livnat supplies a quiet, daily stream of images – buildings, gardens, local cuisine, or portraits of the characters around her, such as the residents of the hostel she spent time in. With a title that escapes imagination, she creates an entity that is everlasting, inconceivable. Attempts to grasp this journey, always in segments extracted from the entire array, are an alert or reminder to viewers that this time without end is a part of life and can therefore be perceived by everyone through their own eyes.

The Herzliya Artists’ Residence is designed to serve as a public space for action, a place for communities, institutions, organizations and individuals from the city of Herzliya and elsewhere to establish the broadest possible network necessary for a wide range of art work and community activities. This agenda is rooted in the view that art institutions must first be committed to their immediate foundations. The Residence is in an ongoing process of seeking and establishing partnerships for joint work, collaborating with education establishments, artists of all mediums and city residents with the goal of creating projects and programs together. In addition, the Residence hosts community, neighborhood and municipal events organized by individuals and institutions.

Past In Community


Beauty and pollution / A Talk

Asaf Ariel, Einat Arif Galanti and Sally Haftel Naveh

15/2/2020, 11:00


MALOX / Garden Gig


12:00pm -Opening doors

12:30pm - Show


Yossi Zabari / Bleeding Herat - the show

Garden Show, 15/5/19

Opening doors - 8:00pm

Show - 8:30pm


Givat Hasofer -Documentation and identity

15.5, 19:00


Running up that hill

Performances, events, and conversations about the hill of the Herzliya Artists' Residence and Nordau Community Pool



Noam Rotem / Acoustic

Special show at the garden

6/10/2018, 20:30


Born in Deir Yassin

Special screening and a talk with director Neta Shoshani / 12/16/2018, 20:00


Axel Knost, Karin Redlich

Collaboration with "Harishonim" high school Herzliya



An interdisciplinary think and do group