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Paulina Pukytė

Paulina Eglė Pukytė (b. 1966, Vilnius) studied art in Vilnius and London and divides her time between the two cities. She is an artist, writer, essayist and cultural commentator. In 2017 she curated the 11th Kaunas Biennial, an exhibition of site-specific interventions concerned with the (im)possibility of a monumentShe writes critical and satirical articles on cultural issues, and has published a collection of essays and two experimental fiction books. In her visual art practice she makes site-specific interventions and still and moving images, often using found artefacts: objects, images and texts. At the same time poetic and ironic, humorous and critical, her work twists perspectives and meanings, questioning accustomed truths, deconstructing socio-ideological myths and socio-cultural clichés. Pukytė is interested in flaws of perception and memory, and employs chance and coincidence in her work. She stands in artistic opposition to the dominant discourse. Her art strategies are often consciously restrained, almost invisible. She is drawn to the marginal, even banal, rehabilitating what is seemingly unimportant and “inferior” but terribly human.

Pukytė will visit Israel to take part in the exhibition “Dead Honeys” at the Artists’ Residence, and a public event dealing with monuments and nationality with curator Udi Edelaman at the Israeli Center for Digital Art, following the last Kaunas Biennial.

Pukytė’s visit is possible thanks to the Lithuanian Culture Institute.