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34 / Moshe Roas

Magic squares are ancient mathematical matrixes, bygone traces of an age when the science of mathematics was inseparable from study of the unknown. It is a simple design: a square with an equal sum of values represented in each of the transecting rows, columns, or diagonals. The sum is called the “magic constant,” an expression of perfection and structural stability.

Despite their seeming simplicity, magic squares establish a hermetically sealed universe, one whose sides are reflected by the others: a chamber of illusion.

Moshe Roas converts the magic square in a conceptual room of mirrors. He creates a matrix in three dimensions. Inside, he positions a series of iron, copper, and brass objects shaped and honed in his hands and made into unnamed tools: organs that interconnect and move continuously in a slow mechanical rhythm, playing their part as variables in a riddle with parts that all add up to the same result.

Solo Exhibition

Curator: Bar Yerushalmi

Starting August 8

Participating Artists:

Events with the Exhibition: